I use music as a measurement of time and distance. I can tell you how many songs a certain place is from all the times I’ve aimlessly walked there with headphones in. My job is roughly 5 songs away from home.

I showed you Frank Ocean one night, American Wedding, in the midst of our late night conversations where we tried to distract ourselves from our seemingly unresolvable conflict. 

You told me it was okay but it couldn’t touch the classic it sampled and creatively covered.

And this is less about me boasting about that dude that wasn’t well known now being one of the modern faces of r&b and you being wrong about him

less about how I think of you anytime Hotel California plays 

and more of

I don’t have enough music in my library to measure the time and distance you and I currently stand now

from the time we used to talk 

what is this from? I want more 

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"Paint War Engagement Session"

oh my fucking god i can’t even take how cute this is

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on a bright note we’re now really close friends and that’s dope as fuck 

I had this girl straight ready to fuck me and I went and got my Drake on and convinced her to go back to her ex

fuck me 

[COMEBACK] 141009 Red Velvet - “Be Natural” @ MNET MCountdown

get it girls

can we talk about how good their live singing has gotten? Not to say it was bad before
but I don’t know her name yet, the one in the right in the front in the beginning

there was a section in Happiness that in their earliest performances she had trouble with 

and now with just as much motion, though slower paced vocals so its more concentrated
you hear no off notes or struggle

and can we talk about how this is their second single and SM did a good job with a mature theme?

Look at how SM handles Super Junior

they’re a group of men in their mid to late 20s (I don’t know, I’m guessing here)
And SM can’t abandon their gimmick to appeal to 14 year old girls and the older SuJu fans who will buy shit strictly out of loyalty to their idols

So we get a group of men doing childish songs

and here we get a young group that SM actual spent money on to make decent music, along the grown and sexy spectrum of sound none the less

Fuck SM but I’m onboard the Red Velvet fan train 

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Why even have a music library? We all know that when Mr. Brightside starts playing, you’re gonna have that on repeat for hours.

You need no other song but Mr. Brightside.


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my favorite is seeing people go through pages of my blog and then no follow 

I swear, hang in there bruh

seeing someone in your asks and then no asks ever coming through 



An all-female vocal mix for getting ready, walking down the street, or any other occasion you see fit.

ok but wheres the download link

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